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Crypto Practicum Mailing List

A moderated mailing list for the purpose of designing secure systems -- and then breaking each other's designs. We address hardcore cryptographic design and implementation, general design of systems, methods of achieving specific security goals or preventing specific kinds of breaches, to implementation of protocols and key management problems. This is primarily a study group devoted to learning cryptographic and cryptanalytic techniques, improving our ability to write papers about them using standard semantic notations, and improving our cryptographic design abilities. It is not likely (or at least not anytime soon) to result in proposals that see widespread adoption anywhere, but should at least educate the participants about the "simple" mistakes in cryptographic engineering that are so easy to make, without putting massive infrastructure at risk for the sake of our education. The hoped-for result is that in the future, if and when we need to design and implement security, including everything from fundamental building blocks to final integration, we should be able to design and implement it well.

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Pocket Hal Beta testers forum

Discussion forum for the beta testers of Dolphin Pocket Hal

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Oracle ERP

This List is to be used by people working in our company on Oracle ERP projects. The users for the list will be a closed group of users within our company. The users will be working on various implementation/ maintenance / development projects of Oracle Application (ERP). During this process they face problems. They will use this list to share their problems for which other users might have solutions.

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KOReader project

An open ebook reader application supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats, running on Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, Ubuntu Touch and Android devices.

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robin-mesh contributors and developers list

basic communication infrastructure for the project so contributors may communicate with each other and work together to set goals and plan releases,

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WindowsForms in VB.NET

Discuss Windows Forms programming with VB.NET.

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Initial beta development group for chinuch k-12 educational software and user list for discussion forum and development feedback. Will also be used for technical support for users.

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REBOL Development

This list is used for the development of projects in the REBOL language (

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Python Exchange

This list is meant for exchanging new ideas, new packages or questions in a circle of scientist.

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IRIS User Group

Discussion list for users of software for cattle recording.

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C# and Java Students

BBIT C# and Java Students

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This is Levitation, a project to convert Wikipedia database dumps into Git repositories. It has been successfully tested with a small Wiki ( having 12,200 articles and 104,000 revisions. Importing those took 6 minutes on a Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz. RAM usage is minimal: Pages are imported one after the other, it will at most require the amount of memory needed to keep all revisions of a single page into memory. You should be safe with 1 GB of RAM.

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IRCnet #delphi

IRCnet #delphi channel mailing list. Discussion about Borland Delphi and Kylix programming.

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This group discusses coding problems using the Vulcan.NET language

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GuitarFX: software effects for guitar.

GuitarFX is the software effects for electric guitar players. It has power but smart distortion! GuitarFX works fine under Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 (wdm drivers). Sound latency (delay) from input to output is very small (around 15 ms). If you work under old Windows 95/98, and have old sound cards (manufactured 1998,1999 and older) with vxd drivers, like AWE64, SB Live VALUE (1998) you can use previouse version of the GuitarFX. You can download it in the "Files" section of this group. GuitarFX has partly open sources, so, programmers can develope and add their own effects to the GuitarFX software.

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