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3D Development

This used to be a mallinglist for 3D Development: Formulas, Algorithms, Physics etc... Pretty much everything related to math in programming, but specially 3D. The old webpage, which is now down was at: We've changed our topic abit, although we're stille the same people, and still with the same skills. A new subscription list can be found at:

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Faster Scale App Discussion

Announcements and discussions for The Faster Scale App -- an online version of the Faster Scale.

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Ask questions, share your projects and network on the official PyAudioGame email list. Please visit the official website and the Github page to learn about PyAudioGame.

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Resync developers mailing list.

Mailing list for developement discussion of the resync bibtex reference manager.

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Community Wireless Networks Portal

This list comes out of a session at the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks ( The group that will use this list will use it for the initial stages of the creation of a portal to connect open source community networking developers to each other ( We will use the list to organize the fundraising to build the portal and establish the needs of the developers who will be using the portal. In all likelihood, the mailing list will be moved to our own server once the initial levels of funding have been secured. In many ways, this mailing list will serve various software groups in their efforts to avoid unnecessary replication. To see our concept document, go to this URL:

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Oracle Tips

This group is intended for oracle professioal community for sharing tips and howto's from practical point of view.

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teen programmers

A mailing list for teen computer programmers, to help beginners learn to program, and to let experienced programmers help newer ones.

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WLA DX Updates

A list for WLA DX ( update announcements. This list gets an email every time the unstable sources of WLA DX, a multiplatform cross assembler package, get updated.

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Projecto de ESII - 2005

This list will be used for exchange of information between the members of a software project within the course Software Engineering II teached at the department of Computer Science at Coimbra University.

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Redmine Voting Plugin

SE2015 Redmine Voting Plugin

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Abi Datenbank Projekt

This mailing-list is for coordinating a school project from germany. We are developing a database allowing to manage the german "Abitur" for our school the "Berufliche Schulen Gelnhausen".

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This is the developer official list about "the piovra project" renderfarm for blender 3d. Check and forums to read mode.

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Prototype 5 for InterSystems Cache - Development

Prototype 5 is a toolset for Intersystems Cache database/ It is being developed by Dimas Ltd., Khabarovsk, Russia and any other participants who will join us. P5 is open sourced. List language is Russian.

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discuss the development of pyc compiler

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TuneTracker Haiku E-Mail List

This is a special forum for people interested in using the TuneTracker System with the Haiku operating system. We welcome questions, ideas, inspiration, suggestions, discussion of any experiences you have, descriptions of compatible hardware, and requests from fellow subscribers for assistance with technical issues. We are moderating this discussion so we can screen out spam, junk e-mails, and posts that are not in keeping with our goal of providing a clean, polite, professional discussion.

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