Software Development

Programming, design, theory, user support groups, product-specific newsletters

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i3 discussion

Discussion about the i3 window manager

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Tarantool project patches mailing list

This mailing list is intended to review patches to be in to Tarantool project.

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EmuTOS development

This is for all who are developing EmuTOS or are interested in its development

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Traditional Hanzi Localization

Chinese localization using traditional hanzi for free software.

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i3 announcements

One announcement per new release of i3 (and related software, such as i3lock, i3status) will be posted here.

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picotm Development

This is the premier list for discussing development of and with picotm. picotm is a system-level transaction manager. See

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Discussion of Rumba an LGPL licensed Python framework to bootstrap a Recursive InterNetwork Architecture network on a testbed.

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Geeqie Mailing list

This list is for communication with geeqie users and between devs. See

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A spaceless hackerspace in Groningen. We're mainly software hackers (programmers and system administrators). We try to meet every two weeks at one of our member's homes are a public space (a bar, other hackerspaces, etc.).

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Ouroboros developers mailing list. Ouroboros is a prototype Inter-Process Communications (IPC) subsystem for POSIX operating systems that incorporates a fully decentralized packet switched network.

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Chess game

A romanian team (formed by computer science students), developing a chess game in Java, for the "Introduction to Algorithms" course.

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Enise internal developer list

Enise internal list for developers: plans, work.

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C#/.NET nanomsg mailing list

Mailing list for all things pertaining to C#/.NET wrappers around the nanomsg messaging framework.

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Discussion and development around Hawkmoth

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antiweb Literate Programming Tool

Support and discussion for the antiweb literate programming tool.

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