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DMS Alert Network

A list for rapid dissemination of timely alerts concerning unusual night sky events in progress: aurora, noctilucent clouds, meteor outbursts, satellite decays and such. Serving the active observers corps of the Netherlands & Belgium, especially the Dutch Meteor Society.

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AUDUBON-NEWS is Audubon's read-only mailing list for information about environmental policy and Audubon. It is open to everyone.

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Darling Downs South West STEM Hub

A discussion list for those involved in the Darling Downs South West STEM Hub

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Primes chat

mail list on primes, which focus on the newest science, technology, art and culture related to several fields of chemistry, in Chinese and English.

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Rochester ACS Section

E-mail distribution list for the Rochester (NY) Section of the American Chemical Society. The Rochester ACS Section is a non-profit, technically-oriented affiliation of chemists, chemical engineers, technicians, and educators in upstate NY.

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ZooImage mailing list

Announcements and general news about the ZooImage software or the ZooImage Web site.

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BU Rocket Team

A list to for the BU Rocket Team to talk about their activities making an amateur rocket.

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Nisqually Friends Board

Friends of the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors

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This group is specifically created for the researchers and students in the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. It is an open discussion platform where we can discuss about Neuroscience, Psychology, Education, technical issues related to research work and much more

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Indian Polar Research Network

This mailing list will be used for connecting people in Indian Polar Research Network (IPRN)group. IPRN aims to promote in polar science and research in India through raising awareness and establishing links between working groups.

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Besgrow ORCHIATA support

Support of Besgrow ORCHIATA orchid potting mix - technical advice Q&A

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IWA Climate Change Specialist Group

List for communication between members of International Water Association's specialist group on climate change.

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A source of information for all interested in Earth history during Precambrian time, i.e. between the origin of the Earth and the Cambrian diversification of animal life.

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Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Group

An astronomy and astrophysics research group in University of Nigeria.

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Announcements and discussion of cryptanalysis, cryptography, mathematical models and open source implementations.

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