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Groupe Physique-Chimie de la Zone Asie-Pacifique

Distribution List for the Physics-Chemistry Teachers of the French International Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Birds of Oregon

BOO stands for Birds of Oregon. This is a forum for birders to talk about birds and all things related to birds, in the state of Oregon.

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A list to allow EVAC to make announcements about club meetings and activities.

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NH Prescribed Fire Council

Prescribed fire is used in New Hampshire to meet a range of management objectives relating to public safety, forest-based recreation, wildlife management, silviculture, agriculture, invasives species management, and sustaining natural communities. In order to more safely, efficiently, and effectively use this management tool, several New Hampshire organizations and agencies formed the NH Prescribed Fire Council to more effectively address shared needs and goals. The listserve will be used to more effectively notify members of training opportunities, meeting announcements, crew needs for specific prescribed fires, and to share other information of interest.

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"next iteration of megabreds" discussions on APL, arm hardware, metacomputation and philosophy of programming. Also featuring linguistics, geopolitics, maths and physics.

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Public list of the Dutch Science Shops

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Understanding Interactive Television

This is a mailing list about academic and research resources for understanding interactive television. Interactive television is comprised by a number of technologies, such as broadcasting, Internet, digital set-top boxes, digital local storage. The mailing list will be used mainly for news, conferences and announcements regarding the updates of the following web site: Please visit the above web site to gain an in depth understanding of what interactive television is all about.

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Meditation - Romania

General-interest announcements and related discussions for a Romanian meditation group.

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Phoenix AZ Weather Watching / Monitoring

The Phoenix Astronomical Society needs a list of Weather Watchers who monitor the weather for our events.

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Neuroling is a list devoted to information exchange among cognitive neuroscientists, in particular neurolinguists and neuropsychologists. Implications of neuroimaging technologies on functional brain mapping are also widely discussed.

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Dependence Papers & Events

This mailing list is intended to keep subscribers updated about the last developments in the field of Dependence Modeling. Subscribers will post announcements about new working/published papers and forthcoming events in the field. Posting of open positions is not be allowed.

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bfas mailing list

Belief Functions and Applications Society Mailing List

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West Kent Amateur Radio Society Committee

Mailing list for the committee members of the West Kent Amateur Radio Society, for use in the management and operations of the society.

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KTH-package For Microarray Analysis

List for discussion of issues related to the KTH-package for microarray analysis. This list is the primary forum for asking questions related to the package.

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British Ecological Society Computational Ecology Specialist Interest Group

Members of the BES SIG can email each other to discuss matters relating to computational ecology. Discussions will center around help with computational and mathematical methods, upcoming workshops etc..

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