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Bioinformatica para Ciencias Ómicas

Lista de correo del curso en Bioinformatica para Ciencias Ómicas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Instituto de Genética. 2016-1

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NC Fossil Club News

Distribute news related to NC Fossil Club events and share fossil related information.

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RNA a mexer!

Discussion List for Environment and Natural Resources students.

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MTSU Psi Chi / Psych Club Mailing List

Official e-mailing list for MTSU's Psi Chi and Psychology Club.

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ZeitKnight mailing list

Closed mailing list for the Zeit Knights. Zeitknights are leaders of the Zeitcoin Crypto Currency Community. website: github:

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Game Theory Class German

The German speaking mailing list for Stanford's online Game Theory course at

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Team Prometheus

Website dealing with thermal issues

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A community to learn , share and make ! We Invite U cordially to be a Hacker and atend Weekly Meetings to Experience Creative Learning ! We don't Manage our time as "well" as we manage our Space ! @HS DIV:PY

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Readers of the free Motion Mountain physics text

Announcements about the free Motion Mountain physics textbook available for free download at

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A discussion list for owl watching enthusiasts in and around Kalmar city.

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Shreveport BSG Bird Alert

This the the bird alert list for the Shreveport Bird Study Group.

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Etap1 2015 IAT

Mailing list for the students in first year of Transactional Analysis Institute in Lille France

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Logics for Social Behaviour

This list is used to communicate the lattest news about the research project "Logics for Social Behaviour"

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Announcement list for, a webserver providing bioinformatic pipelines and forums for evolutionary genomics.

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Arab Center for Studies and Research

The Arab Center for Studies and Research is an independent research and academic institute and think tank for the study of diffrent sciences. Through its academic and research activities, the Center strives: to foster communication between Arab specialists in general through the process of research and critique, as well as the development of epistemological and conceptual tools and knowledge building mechanisms. The Center produces research, studies and reports. It also runs several specialized programs, and holds conferences, workshops, training sessions, and seminars which target specialists as well as the general Arab public. The Center publishes in both Arabic and English in order to make its work accessible to both Arab and non-Arab researchers.

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