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PsychoPy users of LS1/IfP

Exchange about PsychoPy

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LOx feed system for hybrid rocket

I have a project to design, build, and test the fluid feed system for a liquid oxygen hybrid rocket engine able to deliver up to 1000N of thrust. This project will focus on design build and test a simple LOX feed system including valves and propellant / pressurant containers (tanks), that can be tested. Is there any sort of guideline you can help me with in the designing this system? Anything from safety to designing any tips at all? kindest thanks Paris Rocket specification h 20cm diameter h 15kg dry mass budget h Max. Combustion pressure 50Bar h Max estimated thrust: 1000N h Quantity of LOx oxidiser: Minimum 3 litres. Maximum 10 litres. h Proof Pressure testing of all fluid components to 1.5 maximum working pressure for safety.

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Svima FFZG

This is a mailing list for sharing information among the employees of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Zagreb.

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Friedberger IKTler

Information and Kommunikation Study Group of the University of aplied Science Friedberg(Germany).

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Cultural Linguistics

This is the email list of Cultural Linguistics

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Open Reproducibility in Biology

The list will gather together both researchers and non-researchers that have been working within different life science fields but who share one common interest: open science and reproducibility. It will help coordinate the efforts to transfer and adapt those technologies initially developed to study the human genome to other fields such as microbial, plant, and livestock bioinformatics. Openness not only exists in terms of publications and data, but can be applied to the research process itself. More than ever, given the magnitude of data the ability to adopt best practice in workflows, standards, tools for storing and sharing the actual data, as well as its analysis is key to making progress in science and discovery. Researchers need to have mechanisms and tools to share methods, data, preliminary results, workflows, annotations protocols etc. in a traceable and identifiable manner. The era of cyber infrastructure brings great opportunities for sharing and enhancing collaboration.

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Announcement list for, a webserver providing bioinformatic pipelines and forums for evolutionary genomics.

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UofH Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

Dedicated to the design and construction of an alternative vehicle for commuters using the latest in material sciences and analysis software.

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Shreveport BSG Bird Alert

This the the bird alert list for the Shreveport Bird Study Group.

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It is going to be a mailing list for dhole patil college of engg which is situated at Pune, India and we are going to use this mailing list for students who are the members of ROBOCON 16 group in our college ROBOCON group is going to work on robot designing for INTERNATIONAL ROBOCON COMPUTATION.

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Game Theory Class German

The German speaking mailing list for Stanford's online Game Theory course at

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Readers of the free Motion Mountain physics text

Announcements about the free Motion Mountain physics textbook available for free download at

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IPFC pre-2017 participants

List of previous IPFC participants

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Arbeitskreis FU-Forschung

This list is intended exclusively for members of the standing working group "Research in Family Firms" hosted by FGF e.V., the largest German speaking association of entrepreneurship scholars. Members of this list are scholars from a number of interdiscisplinary fields (e.g. sociology, psychology, Business, economics, history, etc.) who hold a PhD in one of these fields.

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Cancel Request

A list that is used primarily for LAMP journal club information dissemination.

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