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FOGRI (Forum Geofisika Reservoar Indonesia)

FOGRI is a communication forum. This is a i-net community based. It is intended to build a virtual community. Most of FOGRI members are member of "real" and formal professional organization - HAGI-Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia - Indonesian Geophysicists Association - IAGI - Ikatan Ahli Geologi Inonesia - Indonesia Geologist Association - IATMI - Ikatan Ahli Teknik Perminyakan Indonesia - Indonesian Petroleum Engineer Association - Other Indonesia professional organization

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CACHE is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1969 to promote cooperation among universities, industry and government in the development and distribution of computer-related educational aids for the chemical engineering profession.

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Foundation licensees network at West Kent Amateur Radio Society

List for sharing experiences and information, arranging QSOs and support between foundation licensees

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Hellenic Bioinformatics-Hbio

The moderated list of Hellenic Bioinformatics

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This group deals with discussions relevant to proteomics, including use of (2D) electrophoretic and chromatographic separations, and analysis by mass spectrometry (chiefly MALDI and ESI), as well as to all methods for identification of proteins from databases. Discussions of commercial products, hardware and software, used in the course of proteomics are encouraged and a primary reason why this list was started. If you post what appears to be an advertisement (some call it spam), then be prepared to defend any (outrageous) claims. The list owner is giving a free hand to postings in this start-up. If there is a consensus that there is abuse, conditions may change, including moderation.

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students of LPNC

List of the students of LPNC laboratory working on biomedical imagery (IRM, EEG) and signal processing. Studies in neurocognition. List created in order to communicate in the laboratory about our respectives results.

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Física Experimental

List of Experimental Physics Students from Sao Paulo's University. We made this list to help us build a self-indutance sensor.

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Zero Fossil Fuel

Service to announce updates to the ZeroFossilFuel web site which will provide detailed construction information on HHO for fuel from H2O.

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dierettivo RIBES

RIBES the Italian network of seedbanks for native species conservation is a no profit scientific association dedicated to promote the conservation and use of native plants for habitat restoration and land reclamation prjects. It is made up by approx. 20 research centres, universities, charities and small native seed producesrs in Italy. The network is steered by a management board democraticelly elected every 3 years by the associates. The management board needs to be in constant and easy contact to effectively run the association. This list will enable an easy and quick information exchange between the management board members

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ISB Announcement

Announcement mailing list for the International Conference on Systems Biology (ISB). The ISB official website:

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SZTE Földtudomány 2012

Levelezőlista a Szegedi Tudományegyetem Földtudomány szakos hallgatói számára. A mailing list for the students of Earth Sciences at the University of Szeged.

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Geological conservators and preparators network

A maling list for the members of geological conservators and preparators network in Denmark. The group is a network for trained geological conservators discussing work related issues. At present the group has members from Denmark and Norway. The language is Scandinavian languages.

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We discuss every aspect of technology. No limits.

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operation space colonization

Function: This list is for the discussions related to the technical designs, builds, ideas and engineering of all aspects of the necessary transportation, communications, life-support systems, navigation and bio-hazard interfaces of a transportation enterprize to launch passenger space ships from Earth into space .

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Technical Canine Genetics

Technical discussion of the effects of genetics on the canine. PhD, Physician, Researchers and Vet level discussions. Genetic diversity in the breeds discussed as well as technical papers.

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