Technology in music, internet audio, recording, etc.

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Midi music

this is a conference about midi music and send or upload files with Your favourite midi music or midi compositions and various tutorials for recording midi etc.

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The Loyalty List

This list is to connect with fans, share exclusive tracks, sneak peaks and share exciting news with my core fans before the general public.

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SP Subwoofer Shootout

List aimed at sharing informations and planning the SP Subwoofer Shootout that will be a two days events (24-25-05-2008) during which several Subwoofe renclosures will be tested and measured with Real Time Analysis Softwares.More infos and lists of cabs tested at

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nulab radio

This list will be used to coordinate the activities hosted by nulab radio, a webradio located in Italy.

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Music Share

Share your instrumental music. Ask advice for instruments. Get encouragement from others. INSTRUMENTATIONS ONLY, NO VOCALS

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Mail list for rebetiko music

This mail list is utilised for communicating lyrics, chords and tablatures as well as meeting dates among a group of musicians exploring and performing traditional Greek rebetiko music in Athens.

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Blind Kurzweil PC3 Access

This list is for the purpose of discussion, tips, tricks and brain storming for those whom are blind for navigation and editing of the Kurzweil PC3 series of the Professional Keyboard / Controller.

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Audiomaster Mailing list

Audiomaster is a UK mastering suite with CD duplication facilities. Join the list for the latest news, offers, tips on audio mastering, whats going on in the music technology world and much more.

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Musik - Newsletter

Deutsch: Diese Mailingliste Dient dem Kommunikationsaustausch zwischen der Band Seelenlaut und seinen Fans. Hier werden aktuelle Tour Dates und Linkstipps promoted werden. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ English: This newsletter has the purpose to enable the communication between the austrian band "Seelenlaut" and it's followers. Fans will recieve the tour dates and useful bonus material.

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Audiality is a highly scalable and portable audio engine for music and sound effects in the studio as well as in multimedia products. Audiality is intended to scale from games on low end hardware to professional studio use. A tool that you can use for content creation as well as in the final product. Audiality is completely Free/Open Source (LGPL), and may be used in commercial, closed source products as well as Free software.

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We all love Ennio Morricone!

Welcome to freely discuss and share anything releated to the master Ennio Morricone. We usually accept english and chinese only, sorry!

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Choko Music News

This is the official fan mailing list of Choko, the Afro-Soul singer based in South Africa. Fans can subscribe to receive personal emails from Choko. The official Choko Music News! All the news, information, photos, videos about #AfroSoulSinger Choko and other local & international entertainment news!

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Music information and site updates from the fastest growing community edited music database on the net.

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A place for mathematicians, music theorists, and musicians to discuss the topic of musical instrument tuning, especially using math. This includes topics like: just intonation and temperament, scale construction, instrument and notation design, and psychoacoustics.

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