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Dissociative Disorders Study Group

This District of Columbia based Peer Study Group focuses on Dissociative Disorders and Trauma related treatment issues. We include various mental health practitioners and meet monthly. This list will be used to exchange our meeting minutes and other related information. We welcome practitioners in the area who are or may be treating dissociative and trauma issues.

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PID Konzultacio

consultation about interesting cases, difficulties, diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in the field of immunology, primary immunodeficiencies for pediatricians and other immunologist collegues in Hungary

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Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List

Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List.

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NYSPCCM Member Discussion

Discussion group for members of the New York Society of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

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East Anglia Small Animal Medicine Collaborative Group

An email list for the East Anglia Small Animal Internal Medicine Collabortive Group to organise meetings

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Anathomy recovery Course

This maling list is creatrd by Naples FedericoII University students. The goal is having info about lessons timetables.

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Zdruzenje za pediatrijo

List will be used to distribute news about latest advancements in pediatric treatment to members of Slovenia Paediatric Society. Invitations to various lessons about new simulation centers, drug and genetic research studies represent bulk of this lists traffic.

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FIMMG Livorno

The mailing list of which I ask the opening, already 'present on another platform, is the group discussion of FIMMG (Federation of General Practitioners) in Livorno. Practice which constitute the first threshold of intervention against the population. In this mailing list, along with trade union issues, they will discuss topics ranging from new diseases and combined intelligent use of pharmaceutical products, as well as the use of new information technologies applied to medicine. The number of members of that list is 230 units and I think that is unlikely to exceed 300 units'.

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Bootsausbilder Wasserwacht Hessen

This list is dedicated to rescue vessel-related issues.

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Listserver for medical and admin staff running the innovative, award winning application of hi-tech medicine in the swampy lowlands of primary care.

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WFM/SAB (Disc)

A discussion list for the Science Advisory Board of Lifestyle Medicine

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MOCARE Leaders

This list is for a collaborative of pediatricians in Missouri. The group is called MOCARE (Missouri Collaborative for Advocacy and Resident Education). The purpose of the 'MOCARE Leaders' list, in particular, is for the physicians to keep in contact to push forward the advocacy initiatives in the state that will impact and benefit children and families throughout Missouri.

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Ambulatory Care Preceptors

This listserv serves to facilitate discussion among preceptors who offer Ambulatory Care rotations for Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. Preceptors can ask questions about activities/assignments, rubrics, grading, or any other general preceptor support.

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Acute Care Preceptors

A listserv of preceptors at PCSP that offer Acute Care APPEs. This listserv may be used to exchange tricks and tips for APPEs, share rubrics and evaluations or any other matters related to Acute Care APPEs.

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AUB Nephrology Group

A network of AUBites practicing or training in Nephrology in Lebanon and the US

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