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Informationen, Tipps und Tricks zum Betriebssystem LINUX

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Lista MIB

Questa lista ha come obiettivo il coordinamento del gruppo MIB, Mandriva Italia Backport

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Open Source Tamil Translators

List for discussions among Tamil Translators contributing to open source projects such as Fedora, Gnome, KDE, Firefox, LibreOffice, etc.

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Listaller Project

Mailinglist for users & developers of the Listaller Project. See for more information.

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Lug-Vidin Archives

Linux User Group - Vidin Archives

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Central Florida Raspberry Pi User Group

Local mail list for the Raspberry Pi users group of Central Florida

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FOSS in Central Asia

This list is for people who are interested in promoting, advocating and localizing FOSS in general and Linux in particular in Central Asia. Here Central Asia means Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Please use English for discussion. Please keep politics, religion and other unrelated stuff out of this mailing list.

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A New Script-based Dynamic Tracing Tool For Linux

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Lista de discussao do GULF

Discution list of any subject relative to the Linux User Group of Physics Institute of Unicamp.

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Toward a more modular Debian OS

Debian has recently introduced systemd as default init system, replacing the long-serviceable sysvinit system. As dependencies on systemd and other monolithic services diffuse through the Debian package ecosystem, users will tend to be forced to use systemd, This list is to discuss ways to maintain a more modular Debian ecosystem, and to avoid snowballing dependencies on a single init system.

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Mailing List - Arch Linux Newsletter [german-issue]

mailing list of german arch linux newsletter... open discussion, brainstorming, organisation and other for the next issue on :-)

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Precisionix Linux - General

Precisionix Linux general discussion

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Mailing list per news ed annunci legati a Stativa, e Mailing list for news and and announcements about Stativa, and

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Jadro Linuksa po polsku

Na co komu "kernel panic", gdy mamy "poploch jadra"? Discussion of Polish localisation of Linux kernel.

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Ubuntu Hackers Team

The team of hackers Ubuntu aims to take care of security problems in Ubuntu Services as Launchpad, REVU, Forums, website and other community systems. The team will also aims to organise the "Ubuntu Hack Day", a day dedicated to hacking tests on the structures of the community.

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