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An inititative to spread free software through schools in Mysore, Karnataka

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Lug-Vidin Archives

Linux User Group - Vidin Archives

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A New Script-based Dynamic Tracing Tool For Linux

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Lista de discussao do GULF

Discution list of any subject relative to the Linux User Group of Physics Institute of Unicamp.

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Mailing List - Arch Linux Newsletter [german-issue]

mailing list of german arch linux newsletter... open discussion, brainstorming, organisation and other for the next issue on :-)

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FOSS in Central Asia

This list is for people who are interested in promoting, advocating and localizing FOSS in general and Linux in particular in Central Asia. Here Central Asia means Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Please use English for discussion. Please keep politics, religion and other unrelated stuff out of this mailing list.

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Precisionix Linux - General

Precisionix Linux general discussion

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Mailing list per news ed annunci legati a Stativa, e Mailing list for news and and announcements about Stativa, and

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Machine Learning Enthusiast

A group of people interested in Machine Learning

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Linux Taiwan

Traditional Chinese GNU/Linux users in Taiwan

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IIT Linux User's Group

Linux user's group at the Illinois Institute of Tech. for discussing Linux and Open Source.

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Austrian GNU/Linux User Group

This is the Mailing list of the Austrian GNU/Linux User Group

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The development of software management platform on linux

communication of software management platform designing and development on linux

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Ubuntu Christian Edition

A Christian derivative of Ubuntu. This list is for people interesting in developing and using UbuntuCE

ListRank: 4ListRank: 4 Study Group Anything Related to: Unix Operating Systems Kernel Development Free Software Development Network Security

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