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Svenska Xubuntu-användare

E-postlista för svenska Xubuntu-användare för utbyte av kunskaper och erfarenheter.

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Siouxland Linux Users Group

The Siouxland Linux Users Group was formed to introduce new ideas, information, and to answer questions that others may have about GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux is free software available to you no matter what "computer level" you are on. Plus, its all Open Source. The meetings are free for all to join, from the newbies to the typical computer geek.

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Linux core distro development mailing list for

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For users of Simple software

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SislandServer Comunicaciones

The purpose of this list is to enable the developers of SislandServer to communicate to its users all news about the software. SislandServer is being used in aprox. 20 countries to set up a Linux server (router) with advanced access and bandwidth control along with other functions like automated firewall, port redirection, public ip redirection, self-configured proxy cache, DNS server and cache and much more.

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Updates about GNU/Linux developments and news from India.

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Terni LUG

Terni Linux User Group

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Khmelnitsky LUG

Mailing list of Khmelnitsky Linux User Group

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Linux User Group for StAndrews (Scotland) Support for Linux (possibly including Network Security)

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Italian linux user group gadget share

We want to develope a system to let italian lug share their gasgets; we want to produce a sort of wiki/ecommerce portal

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LinTux Newsletter

This newsletter will contain all the latest news relating to Linux which will be compiled from various sources to help you stay abreast with all the latest happening in the Tux World. Through this newsletter people who usually have very less time in hand and cannot go through the various magazines and forums can keep themself updated through this fortnightly newsletter.

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Show Low Linux Users Group Mailing List

For discussions of matters concerning Linux, FreeBSD and other *nix systems.

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A List for Linux users of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. UFU is the abbreviation of Uberlândia Federal University. Uberlândia is a city of Minas Gerais.

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Kongsberg Linux User Group

A list for the members of the Kongsberg Linux User Group (KongsbergLUG) to discuss and help each other with Linux-related questions and subjects.

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List for Latech Linux Users Group

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