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Mystery Tournament

Mystery Tournament is a biannual video game racing event, where competitors are matched up against each other to be the first to complete an objective in a randomly selected game they have not played before. This mailing list is intended to notify interested parties in important dates for the event, such as registration opening and deadlines. More information can be found at

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hOSHIs Newsletter

hOSHI is creater of the virtual reality escape room "VR: Vacate the Room", the virtual Theremin "VRemin", the Retro Adventure "The Quest for the BIG KEY" and publisher of many other games like the Twin Stick Shooter "HorD: High or Die". You want to stay informed about the latest news, updates and games created or published by hOSHI? Feel free to join the Newsletter.

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Fantacalcio Cremona

Mailing list for the Fantacalcio community in Cremona, a fantasy game based on soccer.

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BF Utah Group

List for nightly BF4 group.

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Cape Town Fighting Game Community

This is a discussion list for the Cape Town Fighting Game community.

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Artery Users

A mailing list for the Artery Framework ( for Garry's Mod.

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TacBF - Tactical Battlefield

Annoncement of upcoming MP games and updates of the mod.

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USS Atlantis Star Trek Online Simulations

A mailing list for members of the USS Atlantis Star Trek Simulation.

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Blood & Black Friends Playing Neverwinter Nights

A private list for a group of us who met and became friends playing Dark Age of Camelot and who now play Neverwinter Nights together. We will be discussing module scripting for the Neverwinter Nights RPing game, character creation and Dungeon building.

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Discussion and notification list for the cross-platform computer game Spook.

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Laser Tag Vienna

Group of friends interested in playing lasertag in Vienna

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Star Wars: Cost Of Power (development)

A mailing list for the coders, admins and beta testers of the SWR based MUD: Star Wars: Cost Of Power

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Audio Darts of Delaware Valley

discussion about audio darts

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RollOnFriday Wii gaming

Discussion of Wii gaming, and games organisation, amongst members of RollOnFriday.

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Super Serious Clan

Die offizielle Mailingliste des Super Serious Clan!

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