Domestic Technology

Technology around the home, embedded devices, fix-it support, etc.

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Arduino en Cuba

The objective of the list is to allow people in Cuba to access a way of debate that allows them to exchange their experiences with free software as well as with Arduino. We intend this to be a way to share details, projects and schedules. as well as a way to solve doubts and debate about the world of electronics. internet access in Cuba is not within reach of everything but if we have emails in our emails which is more accessible when sharing information and ask for advice to the group. We have a website under development at and we want you to have a way to share experiences, and send projects to subscribers massively. This is a platform for hardware under the which we can make dissimilar projects and elaborate many variants of the common electronics. We await your response and thank you in advance for your attention

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A list dedicated to blind IPhone beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

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Clear City Weather

for chatting about weather at major us city airports

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Property and Valuation Service External Email List

A list serv to support Property and Valuation communication of upcoming meetings.

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pcb design

Shenzhen Torom Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is to serve as the core, high and new technology enterprises based on independent research and development, independent innovation, is committed to become "the world's leading electronic products and services enterprises". Headquartered in Shenzhen, PCB design, PCB board, PCBA, sourcing and other one-stop service and intelligent mobile terminal integrated solutions for customers.

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PC Perspective News Release

PC Perspective News Release

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Bling Outreach

Used to contact clients about Bling mobile payment technology

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Low vision aids | Visually impaired aids – Pamtrad

Pamtrad specialise in low vision aids which help overcome low vision problems. We provide screenreaders and visually impaired aids for macular degeneration.

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Ierapetra Hot Bed Project

This is the list related to an open tech project to create solar system for soil heating in greenhouses of Ierapetra, SE Crete. At the end of the project the full documentation will be published here, under the CC-BY-SA licence. Edit, per request of the FreeLists Staff. :-) 1. The project is the first stage of development of the open technology community in Ierapetra, SE Greece. The goal is to create -- and distribute under an open licence -- a new kind of Arduino-controlled solar heating system to keep the soil warm during the winter time. 2. For the project phase, planned between December 2015 and February 2015 we will set up a prototype system and connect it online to let everyone monitor its works. During this phase, the list is intended as the communication platform between contributors from various locations. 3. Once the system is deployed, the list will serve as a support platform for all people interested in implementation of the system throughout the world. I hope that clarifies a bit. Best, Petros

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PAC Technology Discussion

Discuss technologies that help sustainable living in Grafton

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Seabrook Residents

Used for communications with all Seabrook Residents. This will be sued by a residents association to keep all neighbors up to date on issues in the housing estate

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Real-Eyes Computer Users Group

This list is designed to facilitate discussion by blind and visually impaired computer users all topics related to technology and its various forms of access. This list will collectively attempt to answer questions from inexperienced computer users as well.

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This is the main list for OATHA Members. We are a group of Technology Professionals working in Housing Authorities across the country. We use the ListServe to bounce questions and ideas off of each other.

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les Ouches

We are a group of 12 people who together share a flat in Geneva, Switzerland. With that many people, communication is key. E-Mail is still the best and reliant way of reaching everyone. Since people change on a quite regular basis, it is really helpful to maintain a dynamic mailing list in order not to forget someone - something that has happened several times.

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United British Car Clubs

News and updates concerning events (Mainly in Sweden) and technical questions concerning Classic British Cars.

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