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Duxbury Braille Software Users' Discussion

This is a discussion list for users of Duxbury Systems, Inc.'s software for braille, to share usage tips and other information of general interest to such users. It is not intended for requesting technical support, which may be directed to <>. Duxbury Systems' web site is

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Foxboro Discussion List

The Foxboro Discussion List is an electronic mailing list by the users for the users. Topics mostly revolve around the I/A product platform, but discussion about other Foxboro products is also welcome and encouraged.

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Oregon Association of Government Information Technology Management

The Oregon Association of Government Information Technology Management (OAGITM) is a statewide association of information technology managers of the 36 Oregon counties, State agencies, and interested Cities within the state of Oregon. Conferences are held twice a year to share ideas and information; to seek and pursue collaborative technology planning and intergovernmental projects; to provide professional development opportunities for members; and to discuss common business needs, impact of state and federal legislation, and other critical issues facing local government technology managers.

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Seeds to Leads is a professional networking group within the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce in Shelton, CT. The list will be used primarily for meeting, and other event notices.

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Scootworks Newsletter

Scootworks Newsletter for updating our customers interested in seeing our newest product development from our design team. Scootworks team of mechanical engineers work to design and build custom accessories and custom motorcycles for the metric motorcycle community. Website address:

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The list concerns all problems in using MADAR software. This list is dedicated for Polish users.

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Orlando FBA Members & Prospective Members

This list consists of members and prospective members of the Orlando Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, who are a group of attorneys dedicated to the development of the federal practitioner.

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Gnesta Handels medlemmar.

List for us members in our community so we can more easily share information and news.

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How to choose best power banks

The Mophie Powerstation Plus battery portable charger is available with a Lightning cable, or Micro-USB and there are also different capacities available. There is no USB Type-C option as yet. The Griffin Technology Reserve Power Bank comes in two colour options, along with a couple of capacity options. The 18,200mAh is the largest capacity available, but it is capable of charging two devices at once and it ships with both a Lightning and a Micro-USB cable.

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CV4 Provisors

Provisors small group email list. This will be used to easily and quickly update all 30 members about upcoming events and notifications.

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Little Tea Lady

Newsletter for the Little Tea Lady Tea Company. This newsletter would include information such as new tea premieres, contests, and general information about the company.

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Drive Off

IN Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire small petrol stations are been hit by criminals taking fuel without paying. We want to set up a way of telling each other details of these activity's to help prevent the issue. The police are unwilling to peruse the people doing this.

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StartupMachine Discussion Group

Discussion group for a Startup Accelerator

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Aircraft Rental and Instruction at Max Westheimer Airport in Norman Oklahoma.

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Reddcoin Exchanges

In this mailing list we send important information regarding Reddcoin to all exchanges.

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