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We are artists, writers, photographers, bloggers, poets, illustrators, dedicated to creating a revolutionary information flow.

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Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics - Workshop Group 05

This is the mailing list of the "folded boat" (work title) workshop group that formed at the end of the "Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics" 2010 conference at RPI in Troy. The mailing list is used to keep the group participants linked and conversing in order to facilitate preparing the material for the upcoming book publication.

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Tonart Vorstand

Alle Vorstandsmitglieder von Tonart Heidelberg e.V. In order to develope our website wich includes many features like Management of our Members, Payments, and many more, we need to communicate wich each other via Email. This could be perfectly done with FreeLists.

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Information about cultural live in Havana City. We will send information and reviews about art exhibitions, concerts, theater plays, opera, conferences, courses, books presentations and other activities that happeneds in Havana City.

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Fotografie 2de jaar

Mailing list voor het 2de jaar fotografie in Syntra Antwerpen. Voor volgelingen van de meester dus.

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Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor

FELIFA is a photography event that brings photographers, editors, curators, artists and photography and book enthusiasts together. It vindicates "the book", in its whole aesthetic and conceptual extension, as an ideal medium to construct a discourse and creats a space where authors and the public alike can showcase their recent artist photobooks and books published by independant editorials. It has become a meeting ground for local and international artists and spectators.

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Berlin 2003 - 2004

We talking about exhibitions and media festivals in berlin! We try to coordinate us via that email list too keep connection and exchange our opinons about thouse matters.

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RITS 2012 Televisie

A list for students at the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel College in Brussels, department RITS (audiovisual department), Television subdivision

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