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Trans Oral History Connection

Stayed connected to trans media makers, learn about upcoming community events, and be the first to hear about volunteer opportunities with Trans Oral History Project. We e-mail a monthly update. If you have information you want to share with trans community, media makers, and activists, let us know at

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Stone Conversations - a resource for stone workers

Stone Conversations is a resource for all who work with stone -- by hand, eye or imagination. Our international membership includes sculptors, carvers, stonemasons, architects, geologists and quarry workers -- artisans, students, professionals -- all learning from each other. The main focus of discussion is stone as a physical material (eg: comparative properties, methods, tools), but also as a component of our working lives (eg: suppliers, markets, workshops, training), and as a material with cultural connotations (eg: landscapes, architecture, art).

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La Liste de Diffusion du Fennec

This French-speaking ML is about all form of adventures in modern music. We discuss topics such as the influence of electronics in jazz, free jazz and free music.

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Beyond Vision drama group for people who have a vision impairment in Sydney Australia

This email group is for the people in the Beyond Vision drama group in Sydney Australia. The members of this drama group have a vision impairment.

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Dans l'champ

Dans l'champ is a non profit artist run project promoting new information and communication technologies as a tool for active participation in group and public debates. Dans líchamp is based in Montreal city, but wishes to spread the use of Multimedia and networking software (like Wikis, mailing lists and Websites) in rural areas so they can be on par with the modern world. Dans l'champ is also organizing a provincial (state wide) tour of Interactive Digital Art that wiil take place in summer 2005.

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Collective Bodies? Deleuze with Spinoza 2

This list was provided to give weekly informations to the participants of a philosophical seminar, i.e. which text will be read in the next session.

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Fotografie 2de jaar

Mailing list voor het 2de jaar fotografie in Syntra Antwerpen. Voor volgelingen van de meester dus.

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Hereford Hospital Radio

List for the members to discuss Hereford Hospital Radio issues. mainly techinacl regarding studio plans, equipemnt problems etc etc.

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Mirror Wolf's blog

It's a mailing list of Mirror Wolf's Blog

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