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Dedicated to the pursuit of all aspects of serious traditional Color photography. Topics such as Zone System, darkroom technique, aesthetic criticism, materials, and equipment are encouraged. This is a sister list to the "pure-silver" (a B&W silver based only) list but dealing with traditional color photography systems.

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ILSSA Working Group

This listserv is a group communication tool for the ILSSA Working Group.

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Sequa club Mailing list

The means of communication for the members of the AI sequential art club

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Pop-Up Choir

Pop-Up Choir is a unique experience of community, musical celebration, and helping others. SHOW UP: As a no-commitment, no-rehearsal choir, Pop-Up Choir is open to all. Truly no musical experience is necessary to join! SING OUT: Nationally recognized performer and teacher Kira Willey leads singers of all skill levels in a joyful, judgment-free atmosphere. The Choir learns a simple and fun arrangement of a contemporary pop or folk song on the spot. By evening’s end, the voices of Pop-Up Choir ring out! DO GOOD: There’s no admission fee to participate; however, attendees are asked to contribute in some way—food donations, or a coat drive, for example—to the event's chosen social cause.

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Future of the NCPM

Discussion on the future of the NCPM and proposals for a physical and virtual content hub for South Yorkshire creative and digital industries

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Melbourne Rocky Horror

A list for organising the shadow cast for audience participation at screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Melbourne.

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Libre Art Kerala

Liberate art with Libre Software

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Faculty Films is part of the cultural center at Delft University of Technology. Every Tuesday we have a movie night were we show movies and also have events and discussion forums. We need a mailing list to inform subscribers on the coming movies, events and forums. Some future events will be: short movies created by the computer science students; debate night on climate change with documentary movies; selection of best conferences. We already have a list of around 800 subscribers, but sending information to them is a cumbersome task. This is why we need a mailing list. You can find more information at and

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Survivors of the Damn Fine Words course

This list is for the continuing support amongst writers who have graduated from the Damn Fine Words course Autumn 2014.

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Dirtpark Berg Fidel

Here, we will discuss everything around our MTB/BMX Dirt jumping spot in Münster, Germany. This is a long term effort and many volunteers requested a different communication medium than Facebook.

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This is a mailing list for those working with to develop web site content, generate ideas, and bounce ideas off of others.

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The mailing list discusses on topics related to multimodality and multimodal analysis. It gathers Italian and international scholars in the field.

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Telecitofono Street TV

Lista dedicata allo scambio di informazioni tra i collaboratori di Telecitofono la prima e unica TV di strada di Reggio Emilia Telecitofono is the first and the only street TV of Reggio Emilia, Italy. In this list Telecitofono Staff discuss about tv production, video editing software and internet streaming

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Orbit Theatre

Those interested in technical aspects of theatre and the media including online radio theatre

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For Users of DPS Velocity NLE Video Editing software along with associated Plugins and Utilites

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