Arts and Media

Technology in the Arts and information delivery

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Equator Symposium 2014

Participants of the Equator Symposium 2014

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Review editors

A list for communicating with editors who are working on manuscripts for Review Books (

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Digital art for all

Information and help with 3D/Digital art of all types. Info for the beginners to intermediate.

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Korean Studies at HUFS

associates with the department of Korean Studies, Graduate School of International and Area Studies, Hanakuk University of Foreign Studies

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Rollei TLR

Rolleiflex TLR camera, accessories and photo share

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Index Cyberzine Mailing List

This mailing list will work to keep our subscriptors informed about updates and latest news. Index Magazine it's a cyberzine created to release alternative and non-conventional visual art from Latin America and the whole world. There's no limits! All techiniques are accepted: photography, paint, digital art, stencil, graffitti, collage, pencil, vectors, ink, installations, etc. Every month we will publish an Acrobat PDF file containing most of the submited art works, will include each entrant contact info and can be freely downloaded and viewed from everywhere in the planet and beyond!

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Urban Drummer Magazine

A new magazine designed for drummers who play R&b, Gospel, Christian, jazz,hip hop, C&W, blues, latin, styles of drumming. No matter what your color is. Urban drummer magazine teaches technics, and broadens knowledge of drumming as an art form, and musical expression. UD is committed to informing the young and old in traditional and modern drumming.

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Espacio Eclectico

Information about activities, programs, especial performance from Espacio Ecléctico. We`re an alternative art space & theatre of Buenos Aires, and have lot of people who want to know about our performances, programs and information. We interchange information about new and alternative Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual Arts experience.

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MCPL Anime

This list deals with anime in all forms, with what is online and in other versions (sites described, what is out there for the general public to be reviewed and analyzed), which companies are sending out promotional anime and to whom, creation of an online review list to be accessible to all using the MCPL website (Mid-Contintent Public Library)and how to do upgrades of the previous automation specialist's readers' advisory lists, websites, etc. esp in regards to adding anime and other similar sites.(Mid-Continent Public Library is at and you can look at the website links, database listings, etc)

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RoS Magazine Subscribers

For *Notify when the Magazine comes out *Giveaway winner is selected through this *Model calls and writer job notification

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Mediated Bodies - Media Technologies in Dance

MEDIATED BODIES is an international 8-day forum highlighting media technologies in dance. Through practical workshops, studio presentations, screenings and talks, MEDIATED BODIES offers participants the chance to learn more about some of the current practices in the field, to view innovative dance-media work in studio-based settings and to engage in informal discussion with emerging and established artists based in Ireland and abroad. Volume 1 of MB: Sept. 13-20 | Dublin & Limerick, Ireland

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Department 4: Design

Mailing list of Department 4: Design. Industrial Design, Communications Design, Photography. All study courses belong to Folkwang Hochschule, Essen, Germany

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uqbar. It is the place of the imaginary and knowledge, the crossroads of Arts and culture, crucible of languages, where you meet people and content, in an environment characterized by immersività and interaction, to test ideas, creativity, collaboration, social forms. media art cultures. Creating a space, where the different and new expressive potential are the result of contact between different idioms and contamination of cultures, through the use of new media, with Standart suitable to our contemporaneity. art cultures. It is fantasy and literature, design and testing, mirror and interface between Second Life, web and real world, where art and creativity, concepts and emotions, places, content and forms are the founding elements. So the idea of unite three research and working groups that, until now, while interacting, worked independently: the Museum of metaverso, the activity of temperature with the project Atlas of the visions and the project; to establish a place where it is possible to see, qualify and interact with the artistic production-creative Second Life in the first place, as well as the real life and of the Web. A superstructure designed for the art and for the imagination, where to see in a moment all the artistic production in SL AND NOT ONLY THAT THERE WAS and that there will be, in which estempore, events and exhibitions meetings take place as in a of the art, where every artist can file into its creative and artistic. The possibility of "close" to have memory of all this artistic, the first place by a systematic and description criticism of the "works"; Not everything is remembered, so as not all, the artistic production is now part of the history of art. Geography of the world creative new and intelligible. The ambition to be a unique place, while reproducible, where people can meet and content around the issues that concern: recreational art, architecture and design, visual art, fashion and fashion. So the reason of a direction from training through the creation of a community that select and indicating events, programmes, projects, activities and in particular that plays that critical work of selection and definition through the interaction between all the players (and not actors) on these matters focus its interest is from a conceptual point of view, that emotionally as well.

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Share all kinds of musical talents. Get others opinions on them. Share your own work, or song covers. Play an instrument, or just sing. Yodel! It's all welcome.

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Dematerialization Age

The introduction of the Apple iPad should bring the ability to electronicize textbooks, books, and other printed material, as well as music, photos, videos, etc., to new heights. We will explore this new "dematerialization" age where these bulky items will get scarce.

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